About Us

The Rising Bharat

A million stories are what India is made up of. A few get the attention of the masses while many others get unnoticed, but it does not mean they are insignificant but are rather overshadowed by the affairs of the changing world. We, at The Rising Bharat, aim to bring about a change in the way India is looked at. Through our stories, we aim to enlighten people that India is one such country where all the dreams of living men have found a home. A country which if seen closely touches your heart and soul. Hence we urge all our fellow Indians to support us in our endeavors so that together we can share and inspire as many individuals as we can.

We intend to inspire thousands of individuals to come forward and be a part of the change by training and developing them through orchestrating workshops, impactful narratives, and media presence. Having reached to more than 2 lakh people, with a team of 50 people illustrates we thrive in making an impact. By partnering with various organizations, our team engages in developing and pervasively spreading the narratives that make societies better.


Founder- Shubham Singhal

“Thrive to do something that elevates you to the best position so that you can face your own reflection with utmost confidence. With treasury full of potentials, we often tend to lead a life of a mediocre. A leader of its own making, Mr. Shubham Singhal, sets a perfect example of how one could eventually transform the mediocrity to mastery. Starting off early, he felt an ardent need to give young individuals a platform to showcase their talents and thus was a page launched, THE RISING BHARAT. With just one year old, The Rising Bharat has a wider reach with people connecting across three countries; India, US and UK. Bringing the stories of young individuals and how they bought their best version forward, the page tends to inspire millions. An awardee of Top 100 Young Leaders of India. Beginning with just a simple idea, The Rising Bharat has created a community of like minded people that aims to move together, to grow together.”