Bold decisions, Avelo Roy

Here is the second installment of The Rising Bharat‘s “Marks don’t matter” campaign. “Being bold is a lifestyle because only when you take bold decisions, you make an impact.”
An engineer who followed his passion became an entrepreneur and inspired millions with his bold decision. Avelo Roy, started his first startup when he was just 19 years old while he was a student at Illinois Institute of Technology and turned his startup into a million dollar valuation by the time he was 22. He has won more than 70 awards in US, Canada, and India and has been honored by the California State Senate.

Avelo Roy is the great great grandson Sarojini Naidu. He was inspired by her boldness and achievement at a time in history where women could not think of stepping outside the kitchen and she went and joined politics, married the love of her life who happened to be out of caste and even state and went on to draft the constitution of India and become the first female governor of free India.

His passion to become an entrepreneur was so strong that he wrote a letter to Bill Gates while in class 8, stating his wish to become his business partner. Even when his parents separated while he was in the 2nd year in college all the way in Chicago left with no money, he did not give up on his dream.
At an age when many people do not know their passion, Mr. Roy has set up several successful businesses in the US and now running multiple ventures in India, US, London and Hong Kong.

Because of his inspirational journey and motivating words, he has been invited to speak at the White House Panel for Entrepreneurship Education and has been featured on CNN Money, ABC7, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune and other US news media.
With more than 1500 people personally mentored by him, he not only motivates the youth to follow their passion but also provides some great insights on entrepreneurship.
“I am addicted to seeing sad faces become happy faces. This is what entrepreneurship is all about. It means solving people’s problems and making them happy.” These were his words at a TEDx talk. Adding further to this, he quoted his methodology, “Think BIG, Start Small, Grow Slow, Then grow really fast. Have big dreams, think really big but start small and then grow slow, make your mistakes, and then when you have a system, grow really fast.”
Like every person is much more than his/her achievements, so is Mr. Roy. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, he is also a good-hearted soul who emphasizes the importance of love. He believes that the key to happiness is meaningful relationships because no matter who we are, we all want to love and be loved. In another of his TEDx talks, he stated three rules for maintaining healthy and meaningful relationships – “1. Respect is the fabric of relationships. 2.Honest communication is key. 3. Gratitude clears the cloud of anger.”
He strongly believes that following your passion for proper guidance with dedication and grit is the key to success. He wants the youth to break free of all the expectations, and listen to their hearts because when you do that, no one can stop you from making your dreams come true.