Life is a battle where we are the warriors, where out warrior is conquering the world with the power of his single working finger. Fighting our hearts out to save our dreams, to meet our high set expectations. Amidst the race to excel, somewhere the true essence of life, the true strength of the soul takes up the back seat. The happy living gets synonymous with earning high grades, getting into the best institute or earning a high salary. Have we ever heard anyone aiming to grow up and become a happy human? Well, we have one name amidst ourselves, Sai Kaustuv Dasgupta, called the “wheelchair warrior”.

The man who rules his throne and imparts inspiration to people all across the globe has just one finger moving due to suffering from a rare disorder called Osteoporosis Imperfecta or “the brittle bone disease”, where the bone breaks easily. The winner of many awards and owing many national and international records to his name, Sai Kaustuv engraved a new path for many “specially abled” people.

A constant smiling face will make you astonished that how come someone with so much suffering, come out with such deep positive thoughts. In Sai’s own golden words, the quote, “There is no power in the universe that could stop you from flying high. Just have a strong determination and self-belief”.

Hailing from Siliguri and settling in Puttaparthi, the journey surely wasn’t an easy one. A kid who loved dancing was suddenly told to stop for once and for all, medically claiming his dancing as a hazard to his health. That was when our protagonist first came to know that he isn’t like everyone, that he isn’t normal. For a kid of that age, coming in acceptance of this hardcore fact wasn’t easy but then, his parents were his constant support system. They kept pushing and motivating Sai Kaustuv to keep his willpower strong. Even today, Sai credits his parents for whatever he has achieved till date.  His parents, younger brother and loyal followers are his only inspiration.

A self-taught graphic designer, composer, singer, author, and motivational speaker, our fighter has displayed that no disability could ever get your willpower at the losing end. He is 90% disabled physically, but this hasn’t brought down his aspirations. Paving way for many people of his kind, Sai comes out as an ‘idol-like figure’ for all of them.

In 2009, such a vibrant soul like him confined himself to a small closed room. Constant testing in his wheelchair, our combatant thought his life will end with the tag of a mere “loser”. Losing all hopes to live, his mind pondered only negative thoughts. For a physically disabled person, losing a mental stability can surely be fatal for the soul. But as Sai narrates, “After every dark night there is a bright sunrise. Slowly I fought the dark. I thought if someone like me would lose hope, how will others like myself ever win. The light from my soul was so sharp and strong, that I fought all odds and emerged out of depression in 2015”. He took up graphic designing and completed his diploma. Today he is an international graphic designer with just one finger working. Sai Kaustuv fights all the odds with only one finger of his, of the left hand. He broke all barriers by entering into 9 national and world records for fastest virtual typing speed (28 words in only 52 seconds!) this year itself.

These are some of his glorifying achievements:-

  • Limca Book of Records 2018: National Record
  • India Book of Records 2018: National Record
  • Asia Book of Records 2018: Asian Record
  • Miracle World Records 2018: World Record
  • Indian Achiever Book of Records 2018: National Record
  • Telugu Book Book of Records 2018: National Record
  • World Records India 2018: World Record
  • Vajra World Records 2018: World Record
  • Assist World Records 2018: World Record
  • A physically disabled yet specially abled soul also got his name penned in Asian World Records.

Sai Kaustuv is a blessed one, no doubt. A multitalented being, he excelled in almost every sphere. After his disability prohibited him to dance, he found solace in music. Also a music composer, he tells how music happened to make such a sacred place in his life, “My mother Shila Dasgupta, is a trained classical musician who learned music from Allahabad University. Coming from a musical background, I eventually found my interest in music rising with time”. Sai has composed more than 160 songs in different languages. Undoubtedly, Sai is a true embodiment of inspiration for folks all around the world, be it a “specially abled” person or someone who is struggling to find their rightful place in this world.

An enlightened being, who feels there is a huge amount of light within him. This light being Sai’s, source of strength and the source of his constant smile. He thought to lead a clan of “specially abled” people who themselves feel secluded.

Our hero rightly says, “If you cry and complain about small things in life, you will never have enough. So always be grateful of what you owe. Be thankful for your abilities. Come out and shout loud that you can”.

What is that one thing that Sai Kaustuv wishes to change? Well, the answer is your smile.
He mocks and says that how people today are always ready for a selfie but no-one is genuinely smiling. The happiness of the soul in today’s world is fabricated and not pure. We are constantly living in a state of criticism, where, either it is us who don’t accept ourselves or the people around us who point out the wrong in us. Acceptance of who we are is what he would love us all to do. Half of the battle is already won when we choose to love ourselves for what we are. Sai Kaustuv is the only “specially abled” Happiness Coach of India. He came up with a unique brand ID of his own, #Happinessunlimited. Through his Skype conferencing,Live Sessions or YouTube videos, he tries to put the idea of how being genuinely happy helps in life.

To the today’s youth Sai Kaustuv has a very special message. He says that youth today has immense talent. They are the ones who will shape up the tomorrow of the nation. But at the same time, the youth have forgotten to accept their own strengths. Unrealistic goals are the main cause of the today’s depressed minds.  The goal of each and every human can be achieved if he or she carries the right amount of determination.

Sai Kaustuv says, “We get just one life. We don’t know what could happen with us in the very next moment. So we should live life to the fullest. To be truly happy and to spread happiness should be the main idea of every soul”. The world is here to constantly criticize you but before facing the world you have to face yourself. That’s the battle one should aim to win. That’s the only battle one could ever win.

Sai Kaustuv has not only inspired many disabled people but also many other people, who somewhere get down in life with failures and then stop fighting. One should always keep this in mind, that if someone like him can conquer the world with just one finger then you could too. It’s just the matter of determination, strong willpower and power of positivity.

“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within― Maya Angelou”