Dare to dream and work towards it, for no other job can give you greater satisfaction than living your passion.
Harshini Kanhekar, the First Woman Fire Engineer of India, reflects upon the few seconds of vision she had for herself as a fire engineer while applying for the fire engineering course.
“If I hadn’t dreamt of myself and all the things I would do if I got the admission, I wouldn’t have become what I am today.”
She is the first woman to fly off-shore for duty, something that was unheard of back then. Her determination to excel soon paved the path for many women like her. Soon enough, the policy was changed and women were allowed off-shore duty.
Being the first woman fire engineer, however, comes with its share of setbacks. From classes, drills to on-duty service, she has to face constantly being judged and commented upon.
“I am very thankful to all those who belittled me because of my gender. Those taunts and comments served as a great motivation and I tried even harder towards my goals.”
Reflecting on the days when it all began, she reminisces being inspired by an interview with Shivani Kulkarni, the first pilot from Vidarbha, Maharastra.
“Truth being said, Shivani is my role model and since she had joined NCC at the beginning of her career, so did I.”
And it is not surprising that people who are inspired by their role model often end up being one.