We urge to define SUCCESS with the help of two concepts knowledge and education. Education has the power to change the mindset of a society, the type of books you read helps you to find your personality.


The Rising Bharat‘s  guest of the day for TRB Talks 1.0., is the co-founder of India’s fastest growing youth led organization “The Education Tree”. She has been presented with ‘Fit to Fight’ award by Rebook, ‘Women’s Pride’ award 2016 by Dainik Bhaskar. She has also acted as a digital advocate for humanitarian summit of UN. Our young achiever goes by the name Ms. Smriti Singhal.

The protagonist starts off her speech by humbly telling everyone present there, that this place is meant for her co-founders, and this stage belongs to them and not for her. Being called at the event and speaking was in itself breaking her own boundaries.

Smriti’s start up “The Education Tree” was started with the whole idea of selecting the cursed stream of humanities. In India every stream has its own reaction. Everyone comes forward with their stereotypical mindset for science, commerce and arts. She chose humanities in her 11th standard, and there were multiple reactions from her elders as if she has done some big blunder or an unforgivable mistake. She used to feel that maybe she had opted for the wrong field. She was humiliated for 2 years for selecting this field. She had to face a lot of hardships.

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Due to the ‘clichéd’ thinking of others, lately even our leader started thinking that maybe she did really choose the wrong stream. The ghosts of having no future tormented her. But all these myths were broken when Smriti walked inside the gates of college.

She opted for English literature as her major. In her class, every student had only one vision and goal, which was to earn good marks and attaining 75% attendance. She sarcastically explains this with an example saying, that in her batch Lata Mangeshkar was trying to become an engineer, Sachin Tendulkar was doing commerce and Amitabh Bachchan was struggling for his attendance.

Youths in the college sphere were not following their passion. But each one of them were following the old aged goals set by the orthodox elders. Our combatant adds that people judge students according to their marks and attendance. It’s such a shame for our society. Everyone is being reduced to mere numbers.

Ms. Singhal and her co-founders decided that this thinking is wrong and something needs to be done about it.  They then started with the coming up of ‘The Education Tree’. It was started with the whole ideology, that education is much more than just books and degrees. They created a platform where people could identify their passion and follow their dreams and then become successful.

Smriti quotes, “One day everyone will find their passion and that will be the time when one will realize that they have chosen the right path for their future”.

“One day everyone will find their passion and that will be the time when one will realize that they have chosen the right path for their future”

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Our achiever further elaborates about ‘Success’. She says that success is when you refuse to give up. Success is something for which you work an extra hour at your home when nobody is watching, when you exceed your limit. Success is when you wake up in the morning without snoozing your alarm and get out of the bed and get ready to work. Following your passion, your love, that is success.

According to Smriti, she got success at an early age, when she bought a phone for herself. When she could afford her own post-graduation college fees. This was the meaning of success for the little Ms. Smriti Singhal that time.

We need self-love in our lives to become successful and for reaching the top of the mountain. No one should ever compare any person with another. Every individual is unique, different and special in their own way. Every creation by the almighty is beautiful. This life needs to be cherished instead of pointing out fingers or making others feel down by comparison.

Our guest for the hour proudly says that she was the “Khotta sikka” of her family. She was pretty average and had no ambitions. She was always being compared to her elder sister. Teachers used to sing songs regarding her ill behaviour and complaints to her parents on PTMs. No one had expectations from Smriti. She states that maybe this was an advantage, after all, being average so that no one has any expectations tied to her.

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Smriti stresses on the point, that we need to become a better version of ourselves every single day instead of following others and idolizing them.  

When she and her team members first pitched their product and ideas, they didn’t know what and how to pitch. The person to whom they were pitching suggested them to multiply that into 3. After 2 years of working, Smriti and team are still learning how to pitch themselves in the market space.

Our weakness can become our strength, our perception should change towards life. Smriti Singhal puts forward the idea, that if a person works slow, maybe that person is working on details. We need to search good things in bad situations. If someone has anxiety issues, maybe he/she is good at taking follow ups.

We appreciate everyone, but ultimately forget to appreciate ourselves. We always remember to show love to others, but never show the quality of self-love. We are often too harsh on ourselves.

Addressing the reach of The Education Tree she says that, “Our success story is still in process right now and we do not even realize that. Failures, hardships and all are part of the path to reach the top.”

Ms. Smriti Singhal ends her speech by saying, “We have the light in us and the entire world is being waited to get illuminated by that. Let’s believe in ourselves”.

“We have the light in us and the entire world is being waited to get illuminated by that. Let’s believe in ourselves”.