The first step to mastery is working on the development of our own self. On July 15th, 2018, The Rising Bharat organized a talk show called TRB Talks1.0., with the theme of “Mediocrity to Mastery”, in order to celebrate the success stories of people around us and to inspire many more to rise above their comfort zone. The talk show was attended by many people who belonged to different spheres of life.

The honourable person to share her success story with us is Miss Nupur Agarwal. There is a famous quote, that “we borrowed the earth from our future generations”. This quote stresses towards the adoption of sustainable development. With the aim to popularise sustainable development Miss Agarwal has left no stone unturned.


She is the founder of Evolve Foundation Dehradun Drum Circle. She is a graduate from Lancaster University, England. Nupur emphasizes that how each speaker she listened to today made her vow to work harder.

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Our guest of hour, started the talk by stating about the protective nature of Indian parents. She stated how the Indian parents are not welcome towards the idea of being entrepreneur as they are protective in nature. As she continues, Nupur draws the attention of the crowd towards the idea of smart village. She states that 70 percent of natural resources and 70 percent of the human resource are embedded in rural location of the country. This is one of the main reason that the idea of smart village should be adopted. She further portrays the picture that directly or indirectly we all have village roots.

Our fighter further elucidated about the part time jobs that she had done to fulfil her dream to study in Lancaster University, England. The path wasn’t easy, she had to work as a bartender and in railway line to somehow earn enough to fulfil her dreams on her own account. She finally went to Lancaster University in England. Her hard-work had paid off.

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When Nupur returned to India, she realized that self-expression is a really huge problem in her home country. She returned to India around the time 2013-2014. Although the technological advancements gave people new medium and the media. Our combatant focuses on the fact that people especially belonging to smaller towns had issues with the issue of self-expression. She delivers a powerful line, when she quotes, that “A person can only express when he/she has the capability to accept. And acceptance is really important”.

DEVELOPMENT OF SELF“A person can only express when he/she has the capability to accept. And acceptance is really important”.

She continues to tell us about her initiative, Evolve Foundation Dehradun Drum Circle. Music can bind people. The initiative plays music and encourage people to express themselves by getting indulged in the process. Nupur Agarwal advise us to learn from the diversity existing in India, because she believes that unity lies in the unity of diversity. She suggested us to not remain mediocre.

Our inspiration for the hour concludes by stressing on the fact that people around us will always force us to remain mediocre, but we should never remain as one.