“If you can’t find out your purpose, figure out your passion.
For your passion will lead you right to your purpose.”
One such person figured out his passion and found his calling in writing. Sumrit Shahi, an Indian novelist, screenwriter, and a motivational speaker took his love of writing to different heights. At the young age of 17, he wrote his first book ‘Just Friends’ and got an amazing response. He has written three books till now and has written for many TV shows. He is a TedX speaker and finds his mention in the list of top 30 Young Achievers by Hindustan Times. He was mentioned as ‘Writing Rockstar of the Young’.
He firmly believes his parents are his source of inspiration. They supported him throughout and never pressurized him to take up a conventional occupation to fit in the society.
On talking about long-term goals, he said long-term goals make a person’s life and career inflexible. His idea is to write and enjoy life and take things as and when they come. He wants to write more books in the coming years.
On being asked what stops him from giving up,, he heartily laughed and said he would have to join his family business and live a mundane life of working 9-5, waiting for weekends. That scary thought keeps him going and write for his love of writing.
His message to our generation is to always have a passion for something or the other. It’s not necessary to make that passion our profession, but just to be happy. That would help us go through our life’s problems.
He always says “Do your best, God will do the rest.”