Kamal Seth

“Once the dinosaurs ruled the land, now it’s the man, it’s us. And this only we are responsible for its present dilapidated condition”, quotes Mr. Kamal Seth.

On July 15th, 2018, The Rising Bharat organized an event TRB Talks 1.0 with the theme of “Mediocrity to Mastery” to celebrate the success stories of people around us and to inspire many more to rise above their comfort zone and reach a level of mastery. The talk show was attended by various people for several different reasons.

The first speaker at our event was someone who forms the major backbone in the formation of The Rising Bharat. Change is the only constant. From apes to sapiens, the core base of evolution is ‘learning through experiences’.

Kamal Seth

Kamal Seth is India Representative for RSPO, Founder of Human Circle, Influencer for Sustainable Development and TEDx Speaker. He is also the public speaker for #DoWhatYouLOve.

World today is witnessing great improvement in Science and technology. Sadly, such significant inventions and growth comes with a huge price, a price that humanity can’t afford to pay. We tend to ignore some grievous real-life problems. In spite of big investment from the businessmen, infinite initiatives by the government, these problems still prevail.

The major lack is not the funds but the commitment by the society as a whole. The youth should take this responsibility. We get involve to a certain course that may yield you money, the selfishness creeps in there and then. It’s important today to link your passion with the society’s real problems so that both gains”, says Kamal Seth. Actively working for Sustainable Development, he underlines the necessity of consumers, to consume responsibly which would eventually force producers to produce responsibly.

Kamal Seth

Highlighting the importance of empowering society, our leader says, “My mother once told me, we are powerful as individuals. Then think of what a community of such individuals could do. Many such communities do exist that are driven by- commitment, passion and dedication.”

Kamal Seth is also the name behind the widespread #dowhatyoulove movement. Previously working as recruiter for too companies, he realised how people today are into streams that is not of your own choice and thus such decision leaves them unhappy and stressed. The movement was spread like ripple effect with more than 5 million people connecting to it. Started with just an idea, slowly huge community was build.

(https://youngindiachallenge.wordpress.com/2017/05/25/the-story-of-human-circle-and-dowhatyoulove-by-kamal-seth/ )

Kamal Seth

Speaking on mediocrity to mastery, Mr. Seth aptly highlights three basic points-

One, people should firstly identify what they actually love.

Two, they should work on it and try to connect their passion with a wider audience.

Three, land in a position to act globally with the help of your passion.

Kamal Seth

For the youth, he marks the importance of taking risks. Failures are equally important. He says, “Being practical is no harm. But what important is that the youth should not look passion as their hobby, rather they should take it as a challenge”.

How often do we realise such minute details that perhaps could change the complete course of your life? Kamal Seth is a true inspiration for millions.

Kamal Seth