Emphasising the significance of entrepreneurship Harshit quotes – “Entrepreneurship ek nasha hai isko zehen mein utaro aur phir dekho maza”. To know more about this enthusiastic entrepreneur, The Rising Bharat took his interview.

There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.
There is no force more powerful than women determined to rise. A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman but the quest to find that voice can be remarkably difficult but not impossible. It is our moral failure that we still tolerate the atrocities against women but then there are few unsung heroes who give wings to women’s dreams, her aspirations, and her ambitions.
He was one of the unsung heroes, who was misunderstood but he never gave up and followed his passion. He is Harshit Gupta, an engineering student from NSIT.
To combat the disease of patriarchy Harshit founded Womenite in January 2015. Harshit mentions that the stimulus to start Womenite came from his mother. From his adolescence, he has seen his mother surrender herself to the tyranny of this patriarchal setup. This strike Harshit to do something for the miseries of women whose voices are been crushed by our patriarchal society. It is through his tireless efforts and undying passion that he has been able to bring about a revolution by crushing misogyny. Womenite is known for their outstanding work at the grassroots level. The team holds workshops and seminars in different schools and other institutions to spread awareness about issues which are often ignored. The best part of this organisation is that it aims to incorporate the more efficient use of technology so as to reach out the masses easily. Harshit mentions how he is focused to increase the reach of his organisation by adopting newer technology and increasing the number of campaigns and workshops. Talking about challenges, Harshit recalls how challenging it was for him to handle such a big team and sustain the organisation in the long run. His journey was no less than a roller coaster ride. With people undermining his continued efforts and doubting his capabilities, he never let doubt fill his heart. It was a revolt against ideology, he knew it wasn’t going to be easy but what kept him going was the thought of why he started at the first place. With his undying spirit and everlasting passion accompanied by hard work. Harshit is an epitome of goodness. He is a change-maker. We at The Rising Bharat acknowledge Harshit’s vision. Emphasising the significance of entrepreneurship Harshit quotes – “Entrepreneurship ek nasha hai isko zehen mein utaro aur phir dekho maza”