“Why get inspired from one when in the population of 7 Billion, everyone has a little speck of inspiration to offer, a story to inspire” these are the words of Sunny Garg, a student and a young entrepreneur who is working on his startup YourShell, a student housing company which provides fully managed homes with all facilities including food, laundry, wifi, maintenance etc.
He first started working in the startup ecosystem during his first year of graduation by launching a youth & digital marketing company. Soon, he realised that he wasn’t meant for this, his abilities and talents would be much better utilised in solving the troubles and obstacles of the public and generating a business model for the same and hence he launched a venture by the name ‘the breakfast crew’ in the FMCG domain, employing Rikshawalas to deliver breakfast ingredients. It was a unique way of generating employment for old-school rikshawalas who’s livelihood was disrupted due to the recent popularity of E-rikshaws among the masses but it couldn’t be scaled up because of the lack of margin in such a specific business but Sunny persisted and started working on an infotainment platform for DU students “Hail DU” which was later diversified into an aggregator for PGs in North Campus and it saw more than 400 bookings from students and generated a revenue worth Rs 16-17 Lakhs in its maiden month.
While working for Hail DU and observing tremendous success, Sunny saw a personal success as the notification of acceptance from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad which is considered one of the finest institute for MBA in India.
He aspires to make his venture YourShell the first solution that pops into a student’s mind while facing the woes of finding an accommodation in a new city. Sunny, a self-proclaimed problem solver believes that it is his calling to do exactly that, solve people’s troubles and get paid for it. It is his belief that in later years, not only through YourShell but a plethora of different ideas, he would be helping people live better.
For the youth, he has to say, ‘During the college years, rather than trying to earn so much that it lasts for the rest of your life, focus on knowing what you want to do in those 50 years.’