EXCUSES will always be there for you. OPPORTUNITY won’t, Milind Kapoor

“EXCUSES will always be there for you. OPPORTUNITY won’t.”

That’s what Milind Kapoor believes in. He is a witty and versatile comedian who knows how to entertain his audiences with simple and informative jokes. He is a student of Mass Communication from Amity University. He found his way to stand-up comedy through mimicry or being the funny guy in the group during his college days.

In future, he wants to devote his full time to stand-up comedy only. He hopes to write good content for the comedy.

The team of The Rising Bharat got the opportunity to interview this young talented Indian who is going against all odds.

Starting a journey which is far beyond the expectations of the mainstream world thrilled Milind. Making a profession in the field of comedy was challenging, thinking of new gigs every time you are on stage, getting reaction from the audience, it was foreign for our protagonist during the initial days. But as we know, ‘laughter is the best medicine’, even Milind followed phrase as his driving force.

When he started, there were so many challenges before him. He had to deal with people coming to watch stand-up comedy for the first time with a lot of expectations. Many venue owners felt these shows are not any good for them. But he went through all of this.

Earning good money is always necessary for a comfortable lifestyle, which means Milind wanted to earn money too. He juggled between his job and passion for comedy, neither leaving his passion nor his necessity alone. His dreams held a lot of importance to him, but so did his expectations from life.

He wants this generation to have a passion and just follow it, not giving up everything else. But following it along with a job.

The team of The Rising Bharat wish Milind a successful and happy comedic life ahead.