Failure is not when you decide to give up but it is when you don’t have a goal worthy enough to fight for. The team of The Rising Bharat got the flourishing opportunity to interview someone who is the epitome of hard-work and dedication.

A girl lying on the hospital bed few hours after losing her leg because of an accident, made up her mind to climb the Mount Everest. To her family and the society, she must have sounded crazy. But at that moment who knew that she would become the first female amputee to climb the Mount Everest. Yes, we are talking about none other than Arunima Sinha, who is also a national level Volleyball player. Her pain became the inspiration for her to achieve the dreams she saw with open eyes. Her hard-core dedication to climb Mount Everest helped her to convince her family and to support her.

Our protagonist says, “My family is my backbone”. The worst tragedy of her life turned her into a world champion. She added, “It’s the most rewarding moment of my life when people call me Padma Shri Arunima Sinha and the greatest pride of all is that the country has given me such a great honour”. Arunima quotes that when you want to do something out of the box in your life, it may happen that you lose your confidence level but doing that one thing can change your attitude of living completely. In her words, no dream is big or small, it is all about the efforts you put in those dreams to make them come true. Don’t let the world decide for you, decide the world you want to live in for yourself.

Climbing mountains taught Arunima the lesson of confidence, leadership, resilience and team building. Failure is not when we fall short of achieving our goals but when we don’t have a goal worthy enough. She wants to motivate as many people she can. Supporting her in this case, we at The Rising Bharat feels that Arunima Sinha is a true champion. She makes us believe that if you dream it, you can achieve it no matter what stand in between of your way.