Living life by being a foodie by passion. The charismatic day of TRB Talks 1.0., was further enlightened by Dr. Radhika Agarwal. India is a colourful country with people from varied culture, religion, language and so is the food. Different cultures have different food habits. The food industry is still at its highest peak. Our guest Miss Agarwal is a doctor by profession but foodie by passion. She is a food micro blogger at ‘Teekhi Mirchee’. She has been recently listed in top 100 Most Incredible Food Bloggers of India, 2018.

Radhika introduces herself as a homeopathic physician. As the talk continues, she gets nostalgic while recalling that how time flew so fast that it had already been 3 years since she started Teekhi Mirchee. She informs us that food blogging is the hot talk of the town and Instagram is a prime medium for it. She recalls, that how she never thought about a food related social platform of her own. She reminisces how her followers are always supportive to her and thanked everyone of them.



Our lead carries a keen interest in baking, cooking and experimenting with food. She loves what she is doing. She frequently bakes desserts such cookies, cake and brownies. Radhika share the recipes of street food as well as homemade food, which she named as “Maa ke haat ka bana hua”. She was determined to do her own share of research regarding food styling and plating. In fact, if you compare her initial recipe photos with her recent ones, she claims that we would get a picture of her learning phase and the journey so far. She further states that the realness of her journey makes it more appealing to the people looking up to her and who she manages to get inspired.

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Our hero’s favourite question to be asked is “Where do I get recipe inspiration and how do I understand the styling?”. To which she gracefully replies that inspiration is everywhere and it’s all about how you want to learn. The food blogging community is her biggest Inspiration.


Looking back, Radhika Agarwal still rejoices her college days as she and her friends would explore the defence colony markets which is filled with different kinds of eateries. She started to write about cafes and places on Zomato. In 2015, Zomato approach her to visit their headquarters and they made her verified reviewer as she got a blue tick on her profile. For the first time, our guest realized the potential in food blogging and since then, she hasn’t looked back.

In the same year, she decided to give her Instagram account an official name and she came up with the name ‘teekhi_mirchee, simply because she loves chillies and more precisely spicy food. Miss Agarwal began to post pictures and recipes of different cuisine and homemade food. She started from a scratch with 0 followers. She had to do her own editing, struggling for appropriate hashtags and set up her own food angles. Today, our protagonist has over 3000 images and over one lakh followers.

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At one point, Radhika was approached by ‘The Hindu’ to give her comments on future prospects of food blogging since the industry is blooming. At that point, her view was that money will not start flowing from the first day as food blogger requires consistency and perseverance to become a profitable businessman. She states that we must invest time building it, without caring about the potential returns or getting frustrated.

It is difficult to take up food blogging as a full-time profession in India as it is still in its infant stage. She suggests that only our creativity will set us apart from others. Therefore, building our brand is completely in our own hands, just like inspiration and another equally important fact is criticism.

Sometimes Radhika feels that people don’t understand the hard-work that the food bloggers put before publishing a post. She explains that sometimes it takes a lot of effort and creativity to do the plating and set up the right angles. She further adds that running a food blog may sound like a nice idea but creating a successful one takes hard-work, dedication and excellent presentation. The inspirator explains us that it is the reason why some blogs stand out and get decent income and brand partnerships. She gives emphasis on producing a good content. She sternly advises that consistency is the key. She further advises us to connect and engage with the audience, for which she suggests us to communicate with the audience.


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Our achiever Radhika Agarwal concludes with a strong message:

“Money cannot buy happiness but the satisfaction in doing something you love and being successful in it is priceless”.