#InterviewtheLeader Why is it, that as a Society, we are more at ease with Men holding guns than holding hands?”
It is a question that many may have pondered over, but only a few took charge to stand up against as a conviction.
One such individual is Mr. Harish Iyer, who has dreamt of living in a country where being anything other than “normal” is not a Sin. He has worked tremendously in the direction of his dream of uplifting the LGBT+ society. He left his 15 years of work experience to pursue his passion for writing and along with it, this dream. He is a well-known activist, columnist, and blogger. He has written several articles and appeared on a number of top national news shows to highlight the plight of the LGBT+ community in India. Along with these praise-worthy activities, he also runs India’s first mainstream radio show on LGBT issues, the “Gaydio Show”.
He has spoken at the TEDx multiple times and finds his mention in the list of the most inspiring motivational speakers in India.
As a fact, he is also ranked #71 on the list of the ‘Most Influential 100 LGBT People in the World’ by the Guardian, a British national daily. He has also been honored with awards for his work in the fields of women empowerment and creating awareness on child sexual abuse.
His inspiration to achieve so much in this field is his own life’s struggles. He believes it’s unfortunate for people to look outwards for encouragement. He says, “By looking at ourselves and our struggles throughout, we can find our encouragements”. To combat against such a conventional issue, he knows it’s not a cake-walk, but thinking of people, struggling daily to survive in such an atmosphere, who look up to him for inspiration, is what keeps him kicking.
His note for the generation is:
“In a world where news travels faster than anything, it’s important to VERIFY before we condemn and to UNDERSTAND before we revolt.