Hearing it loud, The Voice of Slum. No more will we tolerate children being disadvantaged only because of lack of resources. To stand in support of this statement, The Rising Bharat interviewed two young Indians who are working to make the lives of the slum kids a little easier. By doing whatever they can within their reach.

“Kar ke jayengae”, says a voice full of zeal, full of enthusiasm. A 20-year- old girl carries a great vision and a greater inspiration to break the shackles for the children living in the slum area, the ones who have the capability to rise but lack support. “So, what if we have difficulties to face, ‘kar ke jayengae’, this sort of attitude of the slum kids gives us the motivation to work hard for them”, says Chandini. Coming from a similar background, she managed to rise above every hardship and now acts as an inspiration to many more lives.


Dev, another name behind this social cause, is 22-years-old man. He too hails from a similar background of belonging from the slums, until he found his way out and becomes the territorial sales manager, earning a sum of Rs. 35,000. He came across Chadini and then they both came forward with the idea of running their own NGO by the name, ‘Voice of Slum’. Voice of Slum is an NGO working for the slum kids since the last 3 years in Noida successfully. “These kids live in a state so miserable, yet they claim to have no problems in their lives. Initially it was very difficult to convince the parents and get their support to send their kids to school. But eventually we succeeded and the kids started attending our school”, Chadini shares happily.


(To know more about the Voice of Slum: http://www.voiceofslum.org/ )

Working for 24×7, both of our young Indian leaders hardly feel any pressure. “The uneasiness sets within us if it’s already 9 am and we are still in house rather than in the office. We practically wait for a task to end, only so that we can tackle other upcoming tasks”, says Dev. The work that they do is an essential part of their lives and the smile on the faces of the kids that they are able to help is what they earn. Chadini adds further that, “These children have so much to be happy about. Even a statement said casually by them, teaches us so much. Thus, we take this responsibility to our shoulders to provide them the best possibilities to grow, so that even these children can rise and stand with other kids belonging from various backgrounds.”

Drawing attention to some real issues, Dev highlights that how ‘Mid-day meal scheme, do not fulfil their desired purpose in schools that are located in small towns. He says, “It has been 3 years and we haven’t ever introduced mid-day meals in our schools. Though yes, we surely have a system of birthday meals”. Adding more our protagonist quotes, “We provide them the best environment so that they can come and learn. We provide school bags, uniforms and also id-cards to all of our students. With all these facilities around, these kids tend to feel at par with the private school”.


(More about Dev: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZgu0OM8PRQ )

There is one more exciting and appreciable effort initiated by the Voice of Slum. They have a magazine that is solely run by these slum kids and it goes by the name, “Slumpost”. It is one of its kind, where every bit of work is performed by these kids only.

The only motivation for our combatants, Dev and Chandini are these children of slum. For them, education is not the books; but the intelligence. They try to rise above the ‘chalk and board culture’ and make the process of learning more of a fun-filled experience. They talk about how the youth with their immense energy should come forward.  How everyone of us can help these kids because they have no role model who can show them a proper path. Dev puts forth a thought worth brainstorming about, that “we usually think that giving money to the rag pickers will cease all their problems. Bu no, the money can only fulfil your satisfaction, but it hardly leads to any kind of result for them”.

(Some more digging on Chandini: https://voiceofchandni.wordpress.com/ )

The Voice of Slums started off with the savings of Chandini and Dev and they certainly faced a lot of problems. Without any government funding, they managed the finances by selling candles on streets. But now they both plan to expand this great initiative. To expand, The Voice of Slums looks forward to support from each and everyone of us.


In today’s society which is full of hustle and bustle, all we care about is ourselves. But then there are people like Chandini and Dev who use their lives to enhance lives of many more. The Rising Bharat stand in support of such people, for now and for always. We wish them all the best, for all their future endeavours.