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Giving out the message of, “live your life on your own terms and do what you want to, and not what others want you to do”, The Rising Bharat interviewed the young talented Indian dancer who made his own space in the industry.

Manan Sachdeva, a performer and dancer caught his well-deserved big break when he was crowned the first runner up in Dance India Dance season 4 after which his life took a turn for better. After getting off of the stage of DID, Manan has achieved one feat after the other including five reality shows and seven award functions as a choreographer as well as several music videos as a director. He is currently the choreographer for Super Dancer, a Sony India’s production and has been part of commercials like that of PepsiCo too. He educes his inspiration and the attitude of striving to be the best from Brian Puspos, an American choreographer and a member of SoReal Cru, who was nominated the Male Choreographer of the Year 2014 title by World of Dance and Raftaar, who Manan credits with teaching him how to maintain his presence on stage and how to present himself to the world, calling him his teacher and his Guru Dheeraj Chawla who taught him and amplified his talent in the very beginning. Watching the DID season 2 auditions influenced him to pursue his dream and urged him to endeavour for perfection. Manan, is the embodiment of the idea that a lump of coal needs to struggle with pressure to become a diamond, wrestled through many such dealings of fate and hit his lowest in life when he couldn’t afford accommodation and lacked any financial support due to which he was forced to spend nights on footpaths but being an optimist, he decides to take this moment in his stride, calling it his “golden moment” which allows him to persevere and inspires him. Reminiscing his struggles, he confides how he gave his audition 4 times, got pushed around by the security, he didn’t even have the money to buy the token to get himself into the auditions and used a torn token he found lying around on a car to get into the auditions to get selected for DID, the show that he would eventually be the first runner-up for and be his first step to success.
It is true what they say,

His message to the youth is simple, “live your life for yourself, on your own terms and do what you want to, not what people expect you to. To always display one’s talent for people who appreciate and respect it and have the power to ameliorate it. To respect your own talent but also that of people around you. To not only respect your audience but also appreciate them. To respect your own talent and revel in the smallest of joys of life.”