It’s YOUR place in the world, Monis Ahmad Khan

“It’s YOUR place in the world, it’s YOUR life.
Go and Do all you can with it and make the life YOU want to live.”
These inspiring words which we hear most of the time, but there are few who go and implement them in their life.
One such person is Monis Ahmad Khan, a student of Jamia Millia Islamia, pursuing masters in architecture. This is his professional side of life. His passion lies in acting, writing poetry, anchoring and performing stand-up comedy. He is an active member of his University’s drama club. He has taken part in several competitions in the leading institutes of IITs, IIMs, NITs etc. and won several titles, awards, and trophies. He even runs his own youtube channel and Facebook page. He has managed to incorporate his profession and passion so well that he never compromises on either side.
He has set his eyes on becoming a professional YouTuber in future. On being asked which YouTuber inspires him the most, he said he gets inspired by all of them. His source of inspiration lies in the small things that each of the YouTuber, either successful or a beginner, has to offer. He has the vision to become a successful YouTuber and go for an India tour, performing his shows live all over India.
He says it’s not easy to do so much at one point of time but whenever he feels like giving up, he reminds himself of his dream of setting up a Café in the future that reflects his profession and passion in its exteriors and interiors.
He wants this generation to know it is imperative to understand what you love to do and should follow that. It is not so difficult to manage professional life and still work for your passion together. It is all in the mind and only requires dedication on our part.