It needs people of moral courage willing to join the fight to make the world habitable and humane.

Md Zabi Khan, 20 years old man who hails from Hyderabad proves the same by working for the  welfare of animals so that the world can be  a better place to live for everybody, not only humans. He started “A Place to bark” society, which is registered under Section 3 of The Society Act, that strongly emphasises on the need for animals’ welfare.

It all started when Zabi found a beautiful pup abandoned by the road. As a young boy, he couldn’t see the pup’s plight anymore and he adopted it. Unfortunately, 5 days later the pup died. Heartbroken after this saddening experience Zabi decided that he wouldn’t let any other animal suffer like that and started “Place to bark”.

He formed a team, rented a place near his home to run a shelter for dogs and 250 volunteers are working for this team right now. Zabi started all this from his pocket money but now he is getting support from his home and college authorities too. He had to choose between his college studies and animal shelter but he managed to do both of them very well. It was very hard to choose between his college studies and maintaining the animal shelter, but he did not give up and managed to excel in both the fields.

Zabi feels that we need to secure the living of animals and he is thinking to extend his plans regarding animals welfare all over the country by starting Animals Right Foundation. This initiative would restore the lost faith in humanity and would alleviate the problems of one in need.

We wish Zabi a good luck to attain his dreams and have a successful future.

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