“Menstruation is nothing to be embarrassed about nor is it a disease. In fact, it is the very reason you and I are here. It’s cool to talk about. “
Aditi Gupta made it her mission to educate people about menstruation and more importantly, to change that age-old attitude that getting periods is something to be ashamed of.
“During my periods, I was told to keep my it a secret from my own family members and was branded impure. I had to wash and rewash the rags until they became very unpleasant to use. I was even hesitant to buy a sanitary napkin because there was a shame associated with it.”
In spite of being well educated, she realized how little she knew what exactly was going on and decided to spread awareness through Menstrupedia.com to teach girls about basic essentials.
“Absence of proper educational material, sources and the overwhelming presence of myths are the main reasons behind menstrual unawareness in both urban and rural areas. 9th standard girls in an urban school said if guys got to know that their period was going on, they would rape them. Thus the secrecy!”
Most of the myths are based on a false belief that menstrual blood is impure and a lot of things can take a turn for the better if that attitude is changed. They do nothing but lower the self-esteem and confidence of a young girl.
Since the education system itself is ashamed to talk about menstruation, Aditi and two of her friends, Tuhin Paul and Rajat Mittal began Menstrupedia.com to teach the millions of girls who suffer in silence about this basic biological process, aiming to make it as fun and interactive as possible, while at the same time, teaching them about themselves. In order to put the whole process in a positive light, she and Tuhin Paul together created Menstrupedia.com to help girls learn about menstruation in a fun and easy way. For more information you can check the website https://www.menstrupedia.com/

“Girls are told not to stand up for themselves, to feel ashamed of their bodies when they start menstruating. My aim is to make the whole subject a piece of cake to talk about.”
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