Our Team


Love to Inspire as many people with my work.
A Lifetime Learner 🙂

Muskan Goyal

Love to Redefine the Small Things in a New Way.

Vrinda harchandani

Bibliophile, because people aren't that interesting. Am either a kid or a 60 years old wise lady, there's no in between.

Eiti Tiwari
Senior Head of content team

Dog lover bibliophile getting high on coffee

Mili Arora
Head of Graphic Designing

I strive for quality in everything I do. Strongly believe in power of positivity, observation, growth and creativity.

Kirti khatri
Head of HR

Love to Travel

Siddhita mahatre
head of hR

Confidence is the key to life. I’m not afraid to be myself. #BeingYourself

Members Working At The Rising Bharat