Carrying the quality of the beauty of the wisdom, we got an opportunity to interview a person who is an inspiration to many people. She is a splendid writer, poet, and a true artist.

The name of our protagonist is Ms. Vinayana Khurana, she is facing a disease called cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is faced by more than 1 million people in India. It is a congenital disorder of movement, muscle tone or posture. It cannot be cured. It is a chronic disease, it lasts for a very long time or it is lifelong.


Our hero is currently a community head at Campus Vibes. Vinayana described this company as a platform where the students could come together and share their feelings, thoughts, aspirations with each other. The best thing that she loves about campus vibes is, that they encourage people to be the best version of their selves. It is a safe place to interact and learn with the fellow youth of our country, to make the world a better place.

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As our young Indian is an exceptional writer, and like every writer or a poet has a specific genre of writing, we asked Ms. Vinayana about her genre of writing to which she replied, that she likes to write about the topics which affect her personally. Topics like stereotypes and disability cloud her mind most of the time. These topics are really close to her as it affects her and the surroundings.

She is a brave fighter, everyone is proud of her but living in a society like India where people still hold prejudice against specially abled people is difficult. Ms. Vinayana shared with us that she faces discrimination each and every day and discrimination is not always seen as the bigger picture. It can happen from the stereotypes that people hold towards any kind of disability in a society. She even said that she has also faced the most horrible psychological discrimination.


Our brave young leader also identifies herself as queer, so we wanted to know her take on the same.

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As she is a prodigious inspiration to others for being so brave and always having the self-confidence in her, we asked her that who according to her is the biggest inspiration in her life. She replied, “My biggest source of inspiration is my family, my mom, and dad”. It is because of them I am, what I am today, if they have not believed in my potential, I could never have believed in myself.”


“Never give up, stay is a battle and education is a sword. In life, giving up is always easy perseverance is difficult. This time shall pass through.” These were the motivational statements she quoted when she was asked about what are the few words that you tell yourself when you feel like giving up.

“Never give up, stay strong.. life is a battle and education is a sword. In life, giving up is always easy perseverance is difficult. This Time Shall Pass through.”

Vinayana is suffering from cerebral palsy, we asked her about some myths that she believes people hold about the disease, to which she answered that some of them are really weird, for example: Can she eat everything? Can she walk? In the end, people resolve to the conclusion that at least she can study, these are some of the comments that she gets on an everyday basis.

If you want to know more myths that people hold about cerebral palsy then you can visit the link below and read about it.

Ms. Vinayana is a positive being, she always stays optimistic in any situation. It’s no secret, she has something within that keeps her buoyant at all times. She believes that everything that happens in our lives is for a greater good in the long run. These are all thoughts that keep her blithe at all times.

Her greatest fear is not being able to make her parents proud and having no goal. Our combatant likes to keep her options open and plans on always moving forward because even the stagnant water becomes polluted if it doesn’t move.

Our daring angel, Vinayana later described her dream job as a professor in the University of Delhi and having the time to sit by her window with a cup of coffee to write her poetry and articles.

“I don’t predict future, I live my present”. She said when we asked her that where did she see herself in the next 5 years.

“I don’t predict future, I live my present”


Ms. Vinayana Khurana is a great artist. There are numerous things that we all can learn from her. She has been through a lot in her life but still, she faces the world with open arms and a big smile. She truly is a cosmic inspiration and a big motivation, not only for the youngsters but also for the team members of ‘The Rising Bharat’. It is because of people like her, who keeps us motivated and helps us to keep moving forward to cover articles, stories and anecdotes like these. We truly salute Ms. Vinayana Khurana.

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Her message to the youth of India is, “Don’t be afraid to fall. Fall, get up and run again till you reach your destination.”

We are very proud of Ms. Vinayana Khurana. She has reached this level while facing so many ups and downs in her life. With everyone wanting to pull her down from reaching success, our leaders still managed to reach to the top with her perseverance, hard work, and self-confidence.

“Don’t be afraid to fall. Fall, get up and run again till you reach your destination.”

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