It is a thing of immense pleasure for us to present the inspirational story of Rashee Kuchroo, the founder of Doggie Dabbas. Just go out, live your dreams and stick to them. This is something Rashi believes in and has always done it.

Doggie Dabbas is India’s first Premium Dog Food which aims to change the fact that while humans have plenty of choice to order food, pets have to be content with packaged food at best. It is a one stop shop which provides the benefits of home cooked food combined with the convenience of traditional packaged food. Belonging to a business family, Rashee got a brainwave about getting into this business when she realised that her own three dogs preferred her cooking over branded dog food product. After that she noticed a huge difference in their health which kind of validated the importance of proper diet and that’s how she started catering to other people as well.

Rashi felt that her company should have a name that is self-explanatory and if people hear about it they would probably be able to guess what the company is about and that’s how Doggie Dabbas got its name.

She looks upto her family as her role model and strives not be like anyone else but to be herself at best.

In an age where we are becoming increasingly health conscious about what we eat, Rashee thinks that we must understand the need to extend that care to our pets as well.

We wish Rashi a very good luck for her venture and a bright future

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