Rashmi Chadha, Traveller, Business Women

Our young achiever, Rashmi Chadha is not a day to day girl. Since the age of 12, Rashmi has been a traveller, more importantly, a “solo traveller”. Being a sportsperson throughout her school and college life, travelling across and beyond India was never out of the picture. Wandering around the world, Rashmi got aware of the image, that people had about her country. Many of her fellow sports members wanted to explore India but faltered due to safety concerns.


The starting journey of any entrepreneur has never been easy. Our protagonist had her own share of struggles as well. Rashmi started her journey as a guide in the Manikaran gurudwara. There, she served her time by enlightening the foreign tourist about the history and background of the gurudwara.


In the initial days, everyone told our achiever to drop out of the tourism industry because of its ‘bad reputation’. But does a dreamer ever back off? Being a traveller since forever, Rashmi saw it as her prime duty to change the scenario. The common notion in India for female guides is ‘escorts’, now we know how controversial this term actually is. Rashmi decided to overturn the entire wording game. She named her guides as super guides. Super guides are those who can drive, as well as elucidate the tourist about the venues. Guides who excel in their forte are super guides.

WoVoyage emphasises on encouraging foreign tourism in India. They are very aware of the facts, which are faced by a foreign tourist when visiting India. The safety issue is the foremost concern. But there are many smaller obstacles too. Rashmi urges for a change in values. Whenever a tourist is exploring, many citizens come to them and ask for photos, which makes the tourist extremely uncomfortable. This kind of behaviour has to be brought to an end.

‘Owning a business, being your own boss’… these are some phrases that make people believe that it’s an easier option. Running a successful business and managing time at home, is a task not everyone can do. To balance anything, time management is really important. You have to analyze and then set your priority. To grow in life, you need to analyze that which situation needs you more urgently.

The message conveyed by our achiever to the youth is, that everyone’s contribution is very important. Love your country. Work towards whatever holds your interest. Sometimes it is more than just earning money. Look for satisfaction and keep making India a better place.


This story definitely proves that if you set a goal and work hard on it, nothing can stop you from acquiring success. The story of Rashmi is inspiring beyond comparison.

The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become.