Inspirational Story of Tamandeep Dhawan

The unique philosophy regarding realistically ideal goals is what Tamandeep Dhawan believes in. Living in the 21st century, you must have been aware of the importance of competition. The fast-changing world has played its own tricks with humanity in a way that not only the level of competition has increased but the criteria to judge the winner of the competition also got changed. To understand the importance of competition, The Rising Bharat interviewed Tamandeep Dhawan who is a young successful entrepreneur.

The protagonist of our story was the student who belonged to the group where no one was sure what they had to do once their schooling gets finished. After passing the school, the realization hit him and he began to wonder about what he would do in the future. However, Tamandeep had his own interest in start-ups.

Tamandeep Dhawan

He dedicated his free time to research about how to commence a new start-up. He would examine the market techniques of successful running companies, as well as the leader’s point of view. This interest of his motivated him to think something different and do something very new. The path of his entrepreneurial journey was filled with difficulties as he had to think of new strategies for his start-up to attract people. Even if the start-up gains success, it was never easy to keep up with the competition in the market sphere as the other start-ups.

When our combatant was in the college, he came across the big difficulty that every student was facing. Each student wanted to do an internship either to earn money or to learn something new. The main difficulty to get internship was that the working of Placement cells in some of the colleges was beyond acceptance level. The staff member would be rude to students, as well as the sponsors. Tamandeep also realized that some brands wanted to communicate with the youth community but could not due to the lack of a common platform.

Meanwhile facing such struggles, Du Assassins was born. Three major cause behind the development of DU Assassins were the following;

  • The social interaction among youth
  • How the youth is interested in knowing what’s happening near them
  • The increasing power of mobile phones

Tamandeep Dhawan

DU Assassins set up their start-up in the year 2017 and gradually helped many brands thereafter. DU Assassins is an online platform for advertising which helps different brands to connect directly with the customer, collaborate, cooperate with the target customer digitally with the use of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and many more brands. They brought the users together in communities and helped to create platforms for engaging in a better way as well as communicating digitally. Tamandeep and his fellow teammates loved what they were doing. Till now they have collaborated with 50+ brands including Pizza Hut, Book wise, ink pot online, Swoo and many others. They even got connected with IIT Bombay since the last year. This following year, IIT Bombay was the youth publicity partner of DU Assassins.

The main aim of the present is to capture the whole market for Du Assassins growth and future profit.  They want to target brands towards them through their service which will double their ROI. If Tamandeep and DU Assassins succeed in this current goal, then the start-up would be the people’s first recommendation for Marketing.

Our protagonist shares his motivation behind being an entrepreneur. Many reasons contributed is the decision made by him to be an entrepreneur. He had seen that how most of the people want to live a lavish, wealthy life but they are not hard working. Majority of them choose to do a job until their last day on earth even if they despise it, just for the sake of their so-called ‘Financial Security ‘. Tamandeep was ready to face the challenges and overcome them. He did not want to sit at home with a job he did not like. He was motivated to go and seek the adventurous world of business.

When asked about his idols, our leader proudly answered that it is none other than his parents, siblings, and friends who had always been with him throughout his entire journey. He is confident that he will continue to get their support even if the time goes tough. He further tells us that his friends and family have given him guidance from time to time. They make it sure too, that his feet are on the ground.

Our hero conveys his desire to appear in the book of Young Entrepreneurs of India. He is confident that if he works hard towards it then he can surely attain it. Tamandeep appreciates his team for their hard-work and aspires to see Du Assassins to be the top marketing agency in the coming next 5 years.

Our young entrepreneur urges everyone to set up realistic, as well as idealistic goals. He also states that how one cannot choose between the two, as they complement each other. But finding the perfect balance between the two can help us reach our goals. Tamandeep also requests everyone to believe in their dreams and to never give up.

Tamandeep also reminds us, that life is cruel and it is like a tough exam, which is always ready to break you and therefore, you must prepare yourself. You must set a plan and follow it with all your heart. From time to time, you must make necessary changes to it. He inspires all of us to work hard, have patience and to remain focused towards our goals.