Laughter is the best medicine, therefore, The Rising Bharat interviewed a young Indian who cures people with his stunning sense of humour. If you lose the power to laugh you lose the power to think, to work. Hence you lose out on everything. So laugh your heart out because it’s the best form of therapy.Laughter is the medicine and the comedians are the doctors.If you ever feel low, or if you want to be popular for making people laugh like hell, just follow, one such custodian of this beautiful thing called comedy, on all social handles. He is popularly known as Deep Vaidya. You can follow him on – @nautankideep. His journey began when one fine day Deep took a courageous decision to enter the fascinating world of theatre and comedy.Yes, it is a courageous decision for any MBA graduate to leave his well-paid job, but only a few people like Deep follow their heart. Deep is currently working with Comedy Factory. Being associated with theatre and comedy for past 8 to 9 years, Deep is continuing to spread happiness through his amazing sense of humor.But the story doesn’t end here. The climax is – ‘Was this task easy for him?’, ‘Did it cost him something?’

And the answers to all these questions is a big YES. As they say, there are no free lunches. It wasn’t easy for Deep when he left his job, when initially the whole family was against his decision, when sometimes the content he made for his audience failed.Even when life had hit him hard he did not give up because there are multiple reasons to give up and one reason to fight against all odds. In this case, there were two – First his mother, and second his colleagues from Comedy Factory.Both were the driving forces in his life who kept him motivated.

Deep is an unsung hero for the people who are lost somewhere in the world of depression, negativity and gloominess.This hero doesn’t wear a cape but holds a mike and cures people with his stunning sense of humor. The Rising Bharat salute his undying passion and determination towards his work.We also wish him a very happy birthday.Thank you for existing and entertaining us.