“Smile is contagious, so changes”

Such words hold even a bigger meaning when enunciated by a 20-year-old Delhi girl who is on a verge of becoming role model for many.

Saumya Aggarwal, a third-year student at Delhi University and co-founder of “Youth for Peace International” working in building peace among the youth through innovative workshops.
Her vision to put her efforts into the society made her start this organization and her sound acumen assisted in succinctly achieving organizational goals.
She has recently been awarded Faces of Impact 2017 and TEDed SDG Innovator by TED.
Besides her incredible work towards society, she is a wonderful artist and loves portraying her thoughts through her paintings and art. It acts like a stress-buster from her hectic schedule of waking up at 6 in the morning, managing studies and then in the evening working for her organization. Recently her painting got featured at UN headquarters in Bangkok. She feels grateful for the virile support by her family and teachers which constantly helps her to move up her grail. Speaker at Women Economic Forum and selected speaker for TEDx BPIT to be held in October, she reinvigorates the youth with her impeccable vision towards a sustainable society and challenges she is facing in her on-going journey.
Conducting workshop in the Kashmir, which we believe is the place of robust violence and intolerance, she was startled to see how supportive and humble the Kashmiri people turned out to be and showed an immense respect towards her work. This is a palpable answer to the stereotypes we have in our mind for certain section of society.
She believes that the ability to learn is not fixed, which didn’t stop her from participating in Training of Trainers(TOT) organized by RGNIYD where the average age of participants was 35 years. She aims to build financial sustainability for her organization, spread word about it among the youth and pursue her masters from Ivy league schools like Harvard.

We at The Rising Bharat acknowledge figures like Saumya who have the charisma to drive change among the youth.