Social work is hard but rewarding, keeping this theme in mind, The Rising Bharat interviewed a young boy who is working against bullying. 

Words can kill! No doubt, if they are used for intimidating, abusing, frightening, hurting someone, in simple word it is called ‘bullying’.

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…….following keeps on breaking the news – “BREAKING NEWS”.

Seriously speaking, at that time ” AAl IZZ WELL ” also fails to work, who cares, but WHO cares and also define health as “State of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Let me again highlight the word “Social” as many of you might have missed, nothing new practically also it has been missed!

A similar experience happened with Pritish Bhavnani, a timid teenager from a small city in India who moved to Gurgaon(now Gurugram) when he was 12. He not only had trouble adjusting to his new life in the metropolitan city, but also faces harsh bullying by his senior in school. Consequently, he developed aggression issues, withdrew within himself and went to bed crying at night more often.

But he never gave up and stood proud and tall, as he was very much familiar with lines of Chris Colfer,”When people hurt over and over, think of them like sandpapers. They may scratch and hurt you a bit, but in the end,  you end up polished and they end up useless”

Instead of getting traumatised, unlike others, he thought of fighting it and help others suffering from the act of bullying. It was then he decided to start “A CRY FOR HELP(ACFH), an organisation that according to Pritish, aims to establish ‘self-help group’ in schools, spread awareness about the various problem teenagers face and create a nationwide movement.

This initiative has been recognized by the Ashoka Foundation as a part of their Youth Venture Program, The Global Leadership, and Education Foundation and The Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards.

Pritish’s ACFH operates in 3 different phases to ensure adequate support system for students suffering from stress and trauma of bullying.

The first phase is the “Awareness phase” where the ACFH team raises awareness about the issue through marketing, gimmick and events.

The second phase is the “Collective interaction phase” which involves conducting a series of workshops in schools premises, conducted by teenagers who have personal experiences about stress as well as bullying and self-harm, in order to put their audience at ease and establish a sense of reliability and comradery.

The third and the final phase which involves “One-to-one counselling sessions with students“, who have been victims of stress, anxiety and bullying.

The team remains in constant touch with the school counsellor, keeping him/her in the loop about the ongoing cases so that the counsellor can guide, how to help the children. Sometimes also intervene if the issue is too serious to be handled by the team.

His long-term goals include work towards a relatively stress-free environment for teens through reform of the current education system and by compelling the HRD Ministry of India to issue a comprehensive guideline with regards to bullying, peer pressure and other such issues in schools.

Following news of ‘Hindustan times‘, keep on boosting his confidence as well reflecting his hard work and dedication.

“The UGC (university grants commission) has been directed to write to the school education department of the HRD ministry for implementation of the committee’s recommendations for putting a check on instances of bullying in schools,”

“All the reported/resolved/active cases will have to be reported on a monthly basis to HRD ministry. The closing of the ragging complaints, reasons for closure along with the satisfaction level of the student/parent/guardian will also have to be mentioned in the report,” a senior HRD official said.”

Pritish’s thoughts itself reflect his assured success,

“Working need not always mean to have high earnings, sometimes it means to work for the society. Social work is hard but is also very rewarding.”

You are not what happened to you. You are what you choose to become.

“It is easier to build stronger children than to repair broken adults.”