Stories Worth Sharing

The Rising Bharat‘s protagonist is a young pioneer of writing, his start up- Stories Worth Sharing has garnered nation-wide attention. His start up has spread to more than 65 Indian cities. The person behind this huge success is Mr. Himanshu Poswal.


Mr. Himanshu was invited to TRB Talks 1.0., to speak about his success story, his struggles and all the hard work that he did, through which he could inspire the youth of this nation.

Stories Worth Sharing
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This young man has just graduated as an engineer few months back. He planned to have his own start up with his friend Mohit, called ‘Stories worth Sharing’. It is a content company looking to build a storytelling platform for people from various backgrounds. They share stories about places, history, innovation, science, events, etc.

It is a platform where one can share their life stories as well. In the hope to help people across the nation, this idea was born.

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Stories Worth Sharing
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Mr. Poswal shared the time when he and his friend visited the city of Varanasi during their 3rd year of college. They went on this trip in January 2017 for IDBHU’s annual fest ‘Kaashi Yaatra’. According to him, he and his friend Mohit were very depressed at that particular time. Mohit had just started with a start-up. They were so depressed that they did not sleep well for a very long time and did not even have time to shave as they had many other priorities. He sarcastically added, that if he and his friend would beg in front of a temple, no one would have even given them a single penny.

After 7 months, one investor surprisingly stumbled across their paths and wanted to invest Rs. 1 million on him and his friend Mohit. They didn’t even have any design or any product.

After coming back from Varanasi, Mr. Himanshu and his friend met again after sometime, they planned to do a meet up. They planned to experiment it for 1 month. The session got over and they were happy with the response they received. There were 14 people in that session. Those 14 people were pretty unique personalities, such as Yakult’s founder members, CA’s and many all India toppers.

Stories Worth Sharing

After few months of the session, Mr. Himanshu received a mail. In the mail it was written that one person who had attended their session wanted to take his life. But after attending the session, he changed his mind and pushed this idea for a while. The single and first session of Stories Worth Sharing saved a person’s life.

The CEO and founder of Yakult gave our guest of the hour an advice which changed the entire fate of his start-up Stories Worth Sharing. He asked Himanshu that how will he travel and manage those sessions without money and asked how many vacations can he manage, being a college student. As many of us may know, even thinking about a vacation for an engineering student is just impossible.

On July 13th 2017 in Chennai, Mohit and Himanshu promised each other that at least once every week they will conduct a session across different cities. They were just 21 years old young Indians looking for a way to make their stat-up work. They had to manage classes, assignments, exams but still they took time out of their schedules for conducting the sessions.

Stories Worth Sharing

After conducting 100 sessions in 70+ cities and 4 different countries, Mr. Himanshu is here telling his story which is worth sharing. He says, “Persistence is underrated”

Everyone wanted them to quit their start up and to focus on their studies and college. Everyone around Himanshu and Mohit said that they cannot do it. But being true believers, they were adamant and wanted to show the people who were stopping them, how to do it.

Another point that Himanshu stressed upon was, that we owe it to ourselves. Any issue we face, it is a difficulty for us and us only. It is only obligated to us. It is we who will have to find the solutions for any problems.

They had a dream to speak for TEDx before the age of 25. They spoke for TEDx when they were 21. This proves that if you are determined and persistent the dreams actually come true.

Stories Worth Sharing

Mr. Himanshu further says, “building audience, building communities is a task for everyone to do but once you are able to capture the hold of it, it’s a beautiful journey”

He is following his passion, he is doing what he loves. Mr. Himanshu was doing a job, he resigned few months back because that was not something he liked or was in par with his passion. He wants to follow his own dreams and reach on the top.

Mohit and Himanshu, they were 2 depressed young boys who wanted to talk to people but instead of going to them, they invited others to talk to them. They didn’t know they could earn money from what they do, when the founder offered them money for their session, they knew this was their eureka moment.

Stories Worth Sharing


During their TEDx talk, they were visiting in a college in the city of Itanagar. After they finished their speeches, they received a lot of love and support and even received a standing ovation.

Mr. Himanshu had just one thought during that moment, “aur kitni mohabbat chahiye tujhe farhaaz ki maao ne tere naam par bacho ke naam rakh liye.”

Himanshu Poswal’s story is a massive inspiration for the young minds of India. His success story is definitely worth sharing.