Success is about the entire journey, abhishek gupta

A MAN IS A SUCCESS IF HE GETS UP IN THE MORNING AND GOES TO BED AT NIGHT AND IN BETWEEN DOES WHAT HE WANTS TO DO.” The wise words said by a young boy who dreamt of big success. The Rising Bharat got the opportunity to interview this raw talent.

Abhishek Gupta, a Software Engineer by training (from IIT Delhi) and now, a social reformer can be seen as the epitome of passion.

He founded Zumbl during his college days. Zumbl is an online chat portal, which enable meaningful interactions between people, which was later acquired. Abhishek along with Zumbl, also co-founded It is a video messaging app, where you can find celebrities answering to fan mails in the form of videos.

Our protagonist now leads – NavGurukul. A space where they provide a meaningful alternative to the college education for underprivileged students. Helping those students who are willing to work hard but lack the resources. They train students to become software engineers through use of technology.

Like every leader, Abhishek had some motivational figures whom he always learned from. He heavily feels inspired and draws his lessons from Gandhi and Bhagat Singh. The stark ideologies of both the legends help our hero to broaden the horizons of this own mind.

His immediate goals include the plans for improvement of NavGurukul through expanding the courses relating to mental health and analytics. And he wishes to build a capacity of training 2,000 students per year in the coming five years.

While being somewhat important, “money” was never the priority for him, and he chose to optimize happiness instead. Hence, his advice for the youth is also to find one’s happiness and help others in their journeys towards discovery.

We wish him all the luck and hope he continues to inspire more and more people to follow their hearts.