Sunil Chhetri has changed the game of Indian Football making him the Superman of Indian Football. The craze about football is slowly but surely growing in India and as it grows Indian Footballers are recognized and appreciated just like this hidden Gem of Football, Sunil Chhetri. Sunil Chhetri has changed the game of Indian Football making him the Superman of it. I think till now you all have gone through various facts, better amazing facts on newspaper, channel, magazine,memes and yes how someone can forget those hot debating lunch breaks of those football fans trying to prove who’s the better GOAT?(I don’t think it is the better place to define what’s that GOAT, but for those who have just created their interest after seeing Sunil Chhetri heroic performance in Mumbai football stadium,G.O.A.T, says the Urban Dictionary, stands for “Greatest of All Time”). Even if you don’t have much knowledge about football or watch football, you must have come across memes or pictures of Mr. Chettri who is slowly taking the world by storm with his charisma in football and is also given names like Ronaldo or Messi of India. Our team “THE RISING BHARAT” has tried their utmost to bring Sunil Chhetri’s very rare facts that those really going to blow your mind along with that your love, craziness for your legend “SUNIL CHHETRI” is going to go high.

13 amazing facts about Sunil Chhetri:

  1. Sunil was born to Kharga and Sushila Chhetri in Secunderabad, Telangana on 3rd August 1984. Being the son of an Army officer he is used to moving around the country a lot but still refers to New Delhi as his hometown, being more attached to Delhi than any other place he lived.
  2. He played for 10 different clubs with his first club being Delhi based City Club which he joined at the age of 17. He also represented Delhi in Santosh Trophy.
  3. Chhetri took admission in Ashutosh College in Kolkata but gave up studies when he was in class 12th getting a chance to represent India at the 2001 Asian School Championship in Malaysia.
  4. His big moment came in 2002 when he joined Mohun Bagan, spending 3 seasons there. He called it a great learning experience as he was playing infront of big crowd and under high pressure as a teenager.
  5. No doubt Sunil Chhetri is great at sports, his Mother her mother’s twin sister played soccer for Nepal Women’s Soccer team and undoubtedly that gene was passed onto Sunil without fail.
  6. Chhetri has also won the renowned, All India Football Federation (AIFF) Played or the year 4 times in the year 2007, 2011, 2013 and 2014. This clearly tells us how much he deserves all the fame he’s getting and why he’s getting it.
  7. Chhetri is also the first Indian Footballer to score 50 international goals while playing for the national soccer team. He scored his 56th goal during the 2018 World Cup Qualifying Matches against Guam.
  8. Chhetri went international on March 24th 2010, when he signed for American Club Kansas City Wizards making him the 3rd Indian to play Major League soccer. On April 2010 he made his debut with Kansas City Wizards against Colorado Rapids in the Lamar US Open Cup Qualification Games. Peter Vermes, the head coach of Kansas Wizards described Sunil as a ‘crafty player’ saying, “Technically he is a very sharp and he’s a guy good at attacking.”
  9. On February 2013, he was loaned by the Churchill Brothers and debuted against Kitchee in the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) Cup. He played for the club in the I-League. Helping them win the tournament.
  10.  On August 2009, it was reported by the Hindustan Times that he signed a 3 year contract with the English Football Club- Queens Park Rangers but wasn’t allowed a work by permit by the British Government as India was in in the top 70 of the FIFA World Cup.
  11. Sunil Chhetri might be the Superman of Indian Football but he’s also just as playful and tech savvy as a normal person, Chhetri is a Playstation and FIFA addict. He is also A FC Barcelona fan and also shows love and support towards Indian Cinema where his favourite actress being Konkana Sen.
  12.  Sad news for the girls who had their eyes set on Mr. Chhetri, he is married! Yes, Mr. Sunil Chhetri got married to his long-time Girlfriend Sonam Bhattacharya now Chhetri on 4th December 2017. Romantic isn’t it?
  13. Sunil Chhetri is also amongst the Top Scorers in the international arena standing alongside Messi’s Score of 64 with Ronaldo still on top with 81. He achieved the decedent score of 64 in the intercontinental cup of 2018 which India won defeating Kenya making Sunil Chhetri the Superman of Indian Football.