Soft music playing in the background, a mug of coffee and rain falling peacefully. Isn’t this a perfect soothing scene?
Well, rain surely does add colors to the daily monotonous routines. From perfectly fitting into the nursery rhymes to setting a perfect backdrop for a romantic scene, rain brings out all the human emotions beautifully.

However, who knew someone would think of getting your emotions portrayed perfectly in an umbrella. Truly, the ‘Cheeky Chunk’ got us covered. This different yet impressive thought came up first to Pratik Doshi, MBA graduate and the founder of the umbrella franchise Cheeky Chunk. Aiming to replace the old big black umbrellas with bright and artistic ones.
The idea behind this startup was as simple as being unique in their own way. “Linking emotions that rain invokes and put it on the umbrella”, is the motto of the Cheeky Chunk.

Coming from a middle-class business family in South Mumbai, our protagonist chose to follow his passion instead of joining the family business. Starting off with Rs. 1.35 lakhs and 4 workers, the present turnover of the company is around Rs. 35 lakhs! Hard work pays off in ways one can never imagine.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. The journey itself teaches you many life lessons and so happened with Pratik too. To make his own place in the world full of competition, Pratik began to strategize the best ways that would help him excel. “Initially, it wasn’t easy to make people aware that a product as ours existed. However, we made our best efforts to increase awareness and the existence of marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart etc really helped us grow”, quoted by our combatant.

The attractiveness of the company name looks quite appealing to the audience. As Pratik points out, the name comes from the “cheeky” designs the company offers. The design brief is kept simple and then there are art students who come up with such unique depictions. Mixing a basic thing such as umbrella, with the twist of funky art makes the rainy season a wonderful mix of moods and colors.

The journey to follow your passion surely gets easy if you have your parents support. Pratik’s family came forward in full support for his dreams. Though friends initially mocked his plan and remarked it as a “chatawala” business. But later by noticing the seriousness our hero held for his dreams, they too came in full support.

Cheeky Chunk is aiming to establish its position in the global market in coming years. For the aspiring youths, Pratik Doshi says, “Search for a crazy idea and without thinking much for it. Be so busy throughout that you have no time contemplating whether your idea will be a success or a failure”.

Pratik’s belief in himself and his passion kept the ship sailing even in the toughest weather. He surely is an epitome that would inspire many youths who wishes to stand apart and do something unique.