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“Talk to aware, instead of cribbing and complaining”

Nazariya” an Urdu word that translates to “point of view” and that is exactly what Anvi Ahuja is trying to change with her NGO of the same namesake. Anvi describes it as a small step in a great journey that is working towards raising awareness about menstruation and breaking the centuries-old taboo surrounding the subject through workshops and talks. Nazariya is known to hold gender inclusive talks in various schools, both government-funded and private, taking a very logical and biological approach to connect with the children. This initiative is a much-appreciated approach towards educating the girls, at their impressionable young age, about the biological cycle they go through monthly, rather than just brushing on the topic lightly, which a lot of parents, teacher or mentors tend to do. The lack of such education is what leads to these girls growing up to be women, still confused about their bodily functions and trapped by the taboos and ideas holding them prisoners of the society. Anvi, through Nazariya, aims to tackle more issues that the society has labeled hush topics like that of sexual abuse, body positivity, and LGBT rights.
She talks about owing her inspirations to Mrs. Aditi Gupta, the founder of menstrupedia, an interactive way of teaching girls about their menstrual cycle and it was during one of her Ted Talks that made her want to work towards bringing this issue in the light. Moreover, she knows her initiative would have been just dreams if it weren’t for her mother’s relentless support, which is why she is her never-ending source of inspiration.
For the future, she aspires to associate Nazariya with the UN, building a youth-led organization, where a person can voice their opinions, age-no-bar and take proactive actions to tackle them. She talks about how bad times are like a dark tunnel and the hope of the light at the end of the tunnel that keeps her going. She aims to gather a larger support for volunteers in the near future and spread it pan-India rather than just the Delhi region.
Her message to the youth is that, just by talking, a lot of problems can be solved so rather than cribbing and complaining, voicing your opinion in a more productive way through various platforms is more fruitful.
Oh, and did we tell you that Anvi Ahuja is just 15 years old?
The rising Bharat appreciates her young spirit and her beautiful thoughts.