“The man with great words but with greater action”. The team of The Rising Bharat interviewed a great personality who is an entrepreneur, an advisor, a thinker, an innovator and much more. We were glad and happy to interview this inspirational personality, Mr. Nitin Sethi.

Mr. Nitin brings deep experience in design and digital customer experience, which he has acquired over the last 18 years across leading internet companies in India. He started his career journey with Bharti Airtel. Post that, he has worked in Indiatimes, Rediff. Moreover, we dig up on his entrepreneurial ventures – BabyOye and Mega Softwares, then Yatra and Quikr. Mr. Nitin mentors many start-ups and has invested in a few of them, as well. He also likes to speak on Design Thinking on many public forums.

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Our protagonist, Nitin has also won the first ever ‘Design -led Entrepreneurship Awards’ 2017 at TiE 2017. He has been awarded with the Karnataka Brand Leadership Award 2017. He also got recognized as the top Digital influencer and made it to Adobe Content 100 list in 2017.

We asked our young leader to transport himself back to his childhood days. As a kid he was a very naughty, curious and a pampered child, he told us and continued, that he belongs to a Punjabi family from a lower middle-class background. His parents did their best to give him everything to keep him close to the core values.


Being a designer, it intrigued us to know if he held any artsy talent since the very beginning. Mr. Sethi shared that scribbling and storytelling was something very close to his heart. “We all are designers in some way” quoted by him.

“We are all designers in some way”

When asked him to elucidate about when he discovered his interest for product designing and graphic designing, he replied, “There was a time in the late nineties when everybody was doing coding and wanted to go and settle abroad. I, on the other hand, wanted something exciting and creative as a career stream. I always liked to solve problems through easy communication and design language. The first transformation of print media towards radio/ television made me curious to the maximum level and I just started feeling engaged like a player in the cricket game. This made me curious towards graphics/visual design in the beginning and I emerged as a good product and user experience digital expert after spending first-decade failing multiple times.”

“I always liked to solve problems through easy communication and design language”

Our exemplar was trained by Ashish Kashyap, Arun Bharadwaj, Hitesh Oberoi, Sanjeev Bhkchandani, Vineet Singh, Vibhore Sharma, Anurag Saran, Dhruv Shringi & Pranay Chulet. Nitin heartily mentioned that they have contributed a lot to his growth. He also said that, there are 2 beautiful ladies in his life – his mother and his wife. They are the ones who give him the strength to get up and try again every time he makes a mistake.

According to him, his wife is the man of the house. Mr. Nitin is very busy with his work and has no time to indulge in household chores.


Nitin Sethi tries to invest 10% of his yearly earnings on himself to keep learning. Mr. Nitin says, “I am not a bookish guy. I like to meet people, build network and discuss solutions. Everybody is good at something, so why not to learn from their experiences.”

“Everybody is good at something, so why not learn from their experiences.”

All his life, he has worked with start-ups, attended a lot of events and workshops on weekends. He also speaks on design thinking on many public forums. He only manages to sleep for around 5-6 hours daily, since past 18 years. For our hero today, seeing dreams with open eyes is much more exciting than seeing dreams in your sleep.

Healthy body and a calm mind with curious nature is the key to Nitin’s happy life. He states that he is blessed to have great family and friends. Ultimately, life is all about experiences, stories and people.


When during the interview we asked the young pioneer about his strategy to remain on top of the ladder, he answered, he is not even close to being called successful. But, he has learned to keep himself grounded and keep his eyes and ears open for good suggestions, feedback and ideas. Nitin strongly believes in hard work with complimenting smart work and he wants to leave a legacy behind and make things better for the masses. He wants to establish himself as a global digital leader and a design thinker. There is a cost to keep this dream of his alive and he is all up for it. One should never say never. It’s worth a try. Mr. Nitin firmly believes in the quote “I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

“I am not even close to being called successful. I want to leave a legacy behind and make things better for masses.”

Our main lead has seen very uneasy and difficult times as a family. According to him, his parent’s hard work and the values he learned from them are the foundations for his success and achievements. He thinks he has made them proud so far. But, the job is still not done fully. He would like to do a lot more for them in the time to come. Being a good son and a family man is difficult keeping the current scenario in mind. The most important thing anybody can ever have is their family.  This was rightly said by the entrepreneur.

Nitin Sethi is also an entrepreneur who is currently mentoring two initiatives, Appigizer and IncubateIND. The journey excites him and the challenges help him to better himself.

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“One life. Many dreams. Too less a time in hand.”

“One Life. Many Dreams. Too Less a Time in Hand.” This thought keeps him going. Mr. Sethi would like to make a difference in people’s life. The world needs many leaders, and according to him, he is just a tiny bit of it. He likes to dream with open eyes and also believe that things would be done if he tries enough with honesty and positive intent. One thing which one should definitely leave aside is the EGO.

Solving something new every day is the best part of Mr. Sethi’s work. Being an enabler and problem solver is the best stage anybody can reach. He embraces his failures and learns from his mistakes. The most number of unhappy customers is the biggest asset for the business. Just focus on fixing the customer experience. He likes to represent the consumer in the company. Being the voice of the customer is very fruitful. This was said by him when he was questioned about, what is the most important aspect of his life.


As he is a start-up guy, he likes the feeling of getting fired, this keeps him on his toes. The ownership and empowerment which Nitin has got in all of his assignments makes his journey super beautiful. Why think small when the world can be your canvas. This is something which he loves about his job.

“Why think small when the world can be your canvas”

In the coming 5 years, our protagonist wants to see himself in a better and an emerged India. He wants to make traveling more easy, comfortable and affordable. He would also like to give 10,000 design thinkers to India. Being a digital guy, he believes one can change the world in 5 years that are yet to come.

The hardworking entrepreneur filled with passion towards his work had this to say to the youth of this country, “There are no shortcuts in life. Work Hard and Dream Big. Things will happen if you want them to happen. Don’t chase money, start chasing your passion, money will soon follow. Your success is not dependent on where you come from… Do what you really like and love the life you live”.


We are really happy to interview a personality who works day and night and is devoted to his work and is very passionate towards it too. We salute him and wish him all the very best for his future endeavours.

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