The only way to do great work is to love what you do, Harsha Kakeri

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do”- Steve Jobs

So here The Rising Bharat present the very 1st story of our “Marks don’t matter” campaign.

A college dropout, Harsha Kakkeri proved that scoring marks or having a degree is not what really matters. It is your passion that takes you to the skies of success. Marks are just numbers which do not define who you are.

Harsha Kakkeri, founder, and CEO at DesignBoat UI/UX School. He is an inspiration for all the ones who have a keen interest in the field of designing.
He launched DesignBoat after gaining 14 years of experience of working with prestigious companies.
DesignBoat UI/UX School/studio is a “creative school” in Bangalore that supports innovations and creativity by imparting knowledge to all the budding designers who wish to explore the world of logic and designs within a prescribed course.

What fascinates our protagonist the most is the different kind of unique designs. He followed his passion to bring about a change in this field of career, by imparting the value of quality education and practical skills within the students. The one who completes a course with DesignBoat gets a good package and experience to stand out in the competitive world. The initiative not only prepares the student in the aspects of their careers, but train them to face the brutal world of competition.

Harsha being a college dropout has no degree or formal education in the field of designing. All he has is passion and practical knowledge from his gained experience.

He got his inspiration from Steve Jobs and therefore is very fanatical about design. To introduce more people to the world of designs, he aspires to establish a “DesignBoat” branch in Delhi or Mumbai.

According to Harsha Kakkeri, Patience and Passion are two key elements to success. The initial 6 years of his career were full of ups and downs but his patience made him achieve new heights of success.