To be the fire- Story of Pakhi Dixit

To be the fire and to let it run through your veins, you need to dig up on the art of writing and literature. In the blink of an eye, times have changed. The hypocrisy of yesteryears has become a bygone issue. However, the hypocrisy of book reading is still ingrained in our society. Nevertheless, times have changed and today the world of books has come up with various strategies to keep the readers engaged and one such strategy is varied genres. The development of technology led to a time when the book reading culture in a society is being questioned. However, the practice of book reading still proclaims its top position in today’s society and the credit goes to the varied genres and the active participation of youth who still believe in the strength of the words. Sometimes, the back story of the writer’s life turns out to be as interesting as the books they give birth to. One such story is of Pakhi Dixit.

During the interview with The Rising Bharat, Miss Dixit was questioned about the start of her serious inclination towards writing as she was initially an Engineering student. To which she answered that it was the summer of 2015 and it took a few toxic incidents and people to change the course of her life for the better. She explained that something really similar transpires with her which lead her towards her journey of writing.

To be the fire- Story of Pakhi Dixit

Our protagonist, Miss Dixit co-authored the famous novel, ‘Life as it happens’. When asked about her experience of working in the novel, she replied enthusiastically that it was liberating and she does not know how to put it into words. An experience so mystical proves to be beyond the vocabulary of Pakhi and she expresses her gratitude towards receiving such a huge opportunity.

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Novels authored by Pakhi Dixit have proved to be immensely popular and the specialty about her novels is to depict some real-life attributions. When asked about the thought process that went behind the writing of propitious novels such as “Feather and fire” and “The CEO in making”, she replied that she is a keen observer and hence, she could see that there are so many stories brimming in this world, willing to be heard. She believes that each person is a story and concluded by stating that there exists a story for every individual person.

“Each person is a story and there exists a story for every individual out there.”

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Being young and vibrant, our young Indian leader also managed to create a world record by doing the maximum online courses with certificates within two months. When asked about the changes that this experience brought into her life, she replied that she learned a lot, professionally. Moreover, this self-discovery made her realize about her capability of working amazingly hard and for long hours. This was a challenge that she undertook to compete with herself and eventually she won. She grew in confidence. Those certificates that she earned remind her that she was the bigger person. They inspire her to be the best.

Life is not a bed of roses. Every journey has a few bumps along the way. We inquired her about her difficult days to which her answer was really inspiring. It made us take a step back and convince us of how much of an optimistic person she is. Pakhi replied that the problems were not much. With confidence, she also added that she doesn’t consider problems that come her way to be an obstacle. She states that they help her to find the will to fight harder. Our combatant has come to realize that she has turned into someone with a lot of fire in her heart, ready to burn anything that comes in her way.

“Problems that come my way are not obstacles but a reason to fight harder. I am a person with a lot of fire in my heart, willing to burn anything that comes in my way.”

The Indian society is still reluctant towards the writing community, as there still lingers a stereotype that “writing business will land you nowhere”. We asked her about an incident where she faced any such typical reactions and the way that she approached to tackle it. Miss Dixit answered that she prefers not to listen to people much. She replies firmly that she was old enough to realize the outcomes of her doings. It is her life and she decides to choose her own way of lifestyle.

To be the fire- Story of Pakhi Dixit

Amazed by her achievements, we requested our leader to enlighten us regarding her experience of being a member of the World Youth Alliance. She responded that it was way beyond words to elucidate. Pakhi mentions her thankfulness that she carries with her holding for the wonderful people all over the world that she is friends with. She proudly describes further that she holds friends from Pakistan, China, Uganda. She quotes that her divine experiences empower her to never slow down and her friends drive her towards her higher self. She has learned to leave people behind, who do not significantly contribute to her growth. To cut out toxic people from life is a very important task in order to move forward and achieve what you aim for.

“I have learned to leave people behind who do not contribute in my process of growing”

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Every parent plays an important role in every kind of journey. When asked about her parent’s reaction towards her achievements, she replied that they were proud but there still remains much bigger things for her to achieve.

We found out that our protagonist goes on by another name rather than ‘Pakhi Dixit’. We dwell to find about her popular nickname “Arctic Monkey”. She shares that it was given to her by her seniors. Her seniors thought that she was super energetic and do not really settle early, just like the famous English rock band- The Arctic Monkeys.

To be the fire- Story of Pakhi Dixit

She left a powerful message for the youth which says that “Be the fire. Become one. Let it run through your blood and veins. Go far, go fast and hold all the cards. Do not let people get close enough to hurt you again.”

At the end of the interview, we were curious to know about her upcoming future plans. But being an author, Pakhi left us behind with a cliff-hanger, concluding:

You will come to know by 2020. Keep me in your prayers and love and I promise to fly higher.”

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