These words are true of the life of Vineeth Vincent. He is a passionate musician. He is the Co-creator of ‘On A Tank Of Fuel’ travel show. He has joined YouTube four months ago. He is moving towards being a youtube sensation with his smart content and healthy conversations. He is the founder of companies like ‘SideStep’, and ‘Musical Cube’, and is currently focusing on himself. His journey started as an MC and later moved towards him becoming a beatboxer.

Success is never an act of witchcraft. He worked immensely hard against his hardships and never gave up. Vineeth was inclined to music since childhood but had no clue of making a career out of it. His family also appreciated his interest and supported him as long as it was a hobby. He dived into the world of music and faced bullying and fought. Problems were resolved with his sheer determination. He earned money but in this journey lost the support of others.

Our protagonist is a multi-tasker who seeks to find a balance between on and off the stage; from being a beatboxer to musician, voice artist, entrepreneur and MC. He has been able to conduct himself in all the spheres with brilliance. He finds a regular job monotonous and juggles with other opportunities available.


Earning becomes passion, passion becomes talent, and talent needs a reward, so a story out of norms starts garnishing. Becoming sumptuous with awards and world records like the Guinness world record for the largest participant in beatboxing, he did over 1250 shows. He even holds his own limca book of record, and  had represented India for the very first time in a  beatboxing international event as a member of the judging panel.

A traveler at heart- the story’s combatant makes sure that his traveling is not just for pleasure. He often mixes his travel with work and makes the best use of each trip. He believes in having his own ideas rather than following and idolising others. According to Vineeth, believing in oneself helps at any time of the day and night. He is the one with the ideology to work harder when life gets hard. Continuing his hustle mode on, he is not a person who would give up. A believer of moving with the flow, he holds the foggiest ideas of his future endeavors. The amazing personality wants the youth to broaden the horizons and think out of the box. He doesn’t want them to be mediocre or small minded. He wants the future generations to be smart enough and to be able to contribute to the society as well as humanity.

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.