When in doubt, keep calm and disappear in books, Durjoy Dutt

When in doubt, keep calm and disappear in books because the world of literature will give you haven under any circumstances. The Rising Bharat got an enormous opportunity to interview one of the best Indian author in the writing industry.

Of course, I love you… Till I find someone better!

Now that you’re rich…let’s fall in love!

She broke up, I didn’t … I just kissed someone else!

Ohh Yes, I am single…And so is my girlfriend!

These quirky lines are the titles of the books. Yes, you hear it right!

These are the works of a 30yr old writer of romance fiction. He is none other than Durjoy Datta who presents his takes on contemporary Indian love. Many people know him as a man of words, but nobody knows that Datta didn’t have any ambitions to write for a living. He says that – “It’s something I do because I like to do it”. He has a word of advice for young writers- “Get into the business only if you’re passionate because there’s no money in it”.

Durjoy’s books are definitely the best selling. This is because he connects to the readers by sharing his personal experiences in the books. An engineer by profession and a writer by passion, entered into the world of writing when he was challenged by a friend to write a 40,000 – word story. The author still can’t answer the question “Why he writes?”, but he says that he drew his inspiration from his wife Avantika Mohan.

He says that writing is very personal for him. It allows him to have a conversation about things he cares about. For him, writing is an addiction, just like an adrenaline pumping!

In the end, the author leaves a note to the audience – “To keep reading widely and deeply because we lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too!”

To all the Bibliophile out there – “When in doubt, keep calm and disappear in books”