Working hard for something we love is called Passion, Laksh Fomra

Passion is the key for any successful business, and “working hard for something we love is passion”, stated by Laksh Fomra. The team of The Rising Bharat had the opportunity to interview an immense talented youth who thinks outside the box.

Dare to be different
Dare to be bold
Stand out in the crowd!!
Why would anyone want to fit into a mould ?
Laksh Fomra, a 24-year-old enthusiast brought true meaning to the quote by standing out of the crowd with his exceptionally rare idea.
Earlier, he worked as a Marketing head with “Haptik”, a Mumbai-based startup. As one of the first employees, he saw the business grow from zero to a few million. He realized his interests towards developing products for Indian Market and started working on it.
Being a 90s kid, he had always been fascinated about postcards. The joy of receiving a message in physical form has its own beauty and pertinence. To make this idea more relevant for the millennials, he combined the trendy Emojis with the postcards, thereby introducing a fresh idea for the emotional Indians called “PostMoji“.
Postcards + Emojis = Postmoji
What a lethal combination!!!!
Postmoji turns emoji into a physical postcard and sends to the receiver along with a message. The idea is to be more expressive using the concept of postcards which make a message more alive as compared to a normal text message. This idea stands out in the Indian market as the concept is totally new. The start-up began at the end of August and is being liked by people so far. It has a sentimental connect with the people as it brings out more love and expression. An emoji with a message is a perfect way to show your feelings towards someone and therefore he brought this beautiful idea to this generation. If we compare a notification with a physical gift, a physical gift is more significant.
He himself in 10 years is his biggest inspiration. He wants to achieve a particular position in the next 10 years which motivates him and drives him to work every day to be able to reach that goal.
Laksh Fomra is truly an inspiration for every person trying to make innovation in the Indian Market.