“Follow your passion, do not give up and everything will fall in place”.

Yash Sheth has been an exemplar of these words. From being a software developer to creating the app ‘LET IT WAG’, that acts as a link between injured stray animals and medical help, his story has been phenomenal.

It started when he heard a dog squalling. At first he ignored it but his heart made him rush to rescue the dog. He had no one to help him, and knowing ambulance would take time to reach there, he posted the scenario on social media expecting people would reach out to help the little creature. From there too, no response was received. At last, along with the help of a lady and a paid ambulance, he managed to rescue the dog. Then this idea stuck his mind to give these innocents a life that they deserve.

Initially, he faced a lot of difficulties, but due to his passion and with the support of his family and the savings he had, he started out on this venture. Till now the app has led to the rescue of more than 400 animals and even 6 puppies were adopted. His kindness and compassion has brought a change in the society and his attitude of never giving up has been a major factor behind the app’s success. There were 6,500 downloads in a short span of time. Having worked with three entrepreneurs, he has learned a lot.

He confessed the most beautiful part of his journey was when a comment stated- “I regret buying an iPhone” (as this app is available only on playstore), this motivated him to work even harder and aim for a bigger change in the society.

He wants to convey to this generation that always have a conviction in the saying : the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so. At the end of the day when you realize the number of lives you saved, you’ll feel blessed. It takes only one try to reach heights.