These lines perfectly sum up the phenomenal journey of one such phenomenal woman.
Ira Singhal, 2015 batch, AGMUT cadre Indian Administrative Service officer was the highest scoring individual in the UPSC’s Civil Services Examination for the year 2014.She completed her B.E. from NSIT, University of Delhi. Singhal topped the exam in her fourth attempt, to become the first physically challenged woman to top the civil services exam in the general category.
The journey for Ira started off as a challenge when despite clearing the toughest exam in her very first attempt; she was not allowed to take the position in office stating her physical disability as a criterion for ineligibility. But Ira was a headstrong girl, she did not stop. Ira filed a petition in the court, that later went on in her favor. She proved that will and determination can even wobble mountains.
In the period before the final hearing from the court, Ira had not given up yet. Just when she was about to appear for her second attempt for the United Public Service Commission (UPSC), she received her letter for the first appointment but still went ahead with her second attempt and made her every setback into a comeback– bagging Rank 1 (Indian Administrative Service). While recalling the days of her judgment Ira said – “Though judgment came in my favor but still I have a long way to go, because the judgment was not a policy changer and could not bring a major difference in the life of other such candidates”.
Mentioning the driving forces in her life, which helped her reach the pinnacle of success, she gives all the credit to her parents who pushed her at every moment. The message conveyed in her story is loud and clear. She is a firm believer of the fact that people learn more from failed stories than success stories. Hence she suggests people take failure as an ingredient of their success story rather than as an impediment. Ira mentions that success comes to those who are patient. She claims that patience is harder but it’s worth it. Ira wants to convey her audience a simple message – “Let not others define you. You are the best person who knows yourself better. It’s you who know what is best for you and what makes you happy, so do what you want to and always know why you want to do something at the first place”