Zeal to find inspiration by listening to the stories of others, our leader today found his motive in life.

Suppressed challenges that life throws, how often we complain and stop giving our best. The infinite problems and no solution is what the common human perceive. In the chaotic life of ours, we somewhere tend to forget the “real problems” that many faces and still manage to succeed. Quoting example of Stephan Hawking, the founder of Creating talks, Mr. Eklovey Verma, draws the basic picture that many of us fail to see. Creating Talks started off with just an idea and zeal to explore something new. Backed by the Delhi Government, it conducts online and offline events.

Zeal to find inspiration

Eklovey puts down the three basic aspects that perhaps determine the course of your life and help you grow.

“The first and foremost aspect is to never blame the hardships for not giving your best. It’s the lack of commitment and not the hardship that gives you undesired consequences”, says our protagonist. Taking the responsibility on yourself is the first step towards awareness regarding self.

Zeal to find inspiration

Secondly, our guest of the hour highlights the importance of being aware of opportunities the world offers. He talks about how one could tackle the “what’s next” dilemma. Before setting out, the youth should know what all opportunities are available. They should be daring enough to go ahead and explore. Without exploring diverse options how will they ever know what is meant for them?

Stressing on the third and the most common issue that most of us face are the FEAR and the FAILURE. Fear puts you in a position of backing off even before you give it a shot. Our young leader, Eklovey says, that the failures are the best push that the life itself offers. “Come out stronger after you fail and hit your hardest punch”. According to our combatant’s philosophy, failure only gives you more chances to grow.

Zeal to find inspiration

In spite of facing numerous problems, Eklovey never stopped. His initiative and his passion is what drives his life and gives inspiration to all.